Year 11 students at King’s Oak Academy produced a whole school talent show as part of their BTEC Music coursework. The twenty eight BTEC students planned, promoted, stage managed and sold tickets for the event.

In excess of 40 students from across all age ranges took part in this musical extravaganza which featured solo musicians, group performers and dancers. Performing and dancing to a wide spectrum of music genres that included Classical, Pop, Rock and songs from the KOA forthcoming Musical, The Rocky Monster Show.

The show was performed in front of a sell audience to parents, carers, family and friends, with all proceeds donated to The Kelsey Smart Forever Fund (Meningitis NOW) and Cancer Research, very worthy causes indeed. This show raised more than £550 on the night.

Mr Tim Warren, Team leader of Performance and Participation, and coordinator said, “All students that took part in this show performed at an extremely high standard, whether they were backstage or onstage. I am extremely proud of their efforts, hard work and commitment, the show was a great success and enjoyed by all.”