Students at John Cabot Academy have worked extremely hard and staged a production of the hit Broadway musical, ‘Hairspray’. The 50 strong cast, crew and live band, from across all age ranges have rehearsed and performed three live sell out shows to packed audiences of family, friends, parents and carers.

The massively acclaimed Tony Award winning Hairspray continues to be one of the most widely produced musicals today, not only because of its wit and charm, but also because of the beautiful message of acceptance and progress that it portrays. The bright, energetic story of Tracy Turnblad teaches us all to look past the colour of one’s skin and fight for every human beings equal rights.

Audience members who watched the show have praised the production as being “Energetic and full of fun” and “The students giving fantastic performances, bringing the story to life.”

Miss Grainger & Miss Grierson, who produced and directed the show said, “It has been a brilliant production to put on and we have really seen it come to life with costume, make up and a great live band! This show is a testament to all the hard work, effort and commitment of students, support staff and parents too. Well done for a great week of productions, it was brilliant! And you received a standing ovation too!