Over eighty pupils from Year 3 received a lesson from Naturalist Ed Drewitt. This lesson enriched their Year three science curriculum where they have been studying humans and animals in their lessons.

Ed brought in some amazing skeletons including the skulls of badgers, rabbits, albatross, and sheep. The pupils were able to closely observe and even handle the bones! The children had the opportunity to ask Ed questions about what they had learnt.

In Year three pupils need to develop their scientific vocabulary and be able to identify and name different bones. Following on from this they looked at vertebrates and invertebrates in their lessons and the differences between them.

Triff Rees, Inclusion Leader & Year 3 teacher said, “This has given pupils a first-hand experience of working closely with a naturalist. Ed brought in a great range of skeletons and pupils really loved it. Ed is extremely knowledgeable and when the children fed back, they had remembered a considerable amount of information. This experience has helped to develop their skills and knowledge in this area of science.”