The Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) is extremely pleased to announce that Ofsted has judged Haywood Village Academy, based in Weston super Mare, to be an ‘Outstanding’ School.

On leadership they said, “Leaders and teachers have an acute understanding of the quality of education that the school provides. They are meticulous in their actions to ensure that continual improvement is a central feature of the provision. Trustees have been proactive in expanding the pre-school provision this year. These youngest children gain a love of stories, rhymes, music and singing right from the start. Children are settled, enjoy activities on offer and show high levels of self-control and cooperation with others. Leaders and trustees have created a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel. They are meticulous in their work and uncompromising in their ambition for all pupils. Staff have high aspirations for every pupil. They work together seamlessly to bring about continuous whole school improvement and ensure that pupils achieve exceptionally well.”

Staff morale is very high. Staff receive comprehensive training and challenge from the trust to ensure that the school continually improves.

On teaching they noted, “Teaching is outstanding overall. Teachers and learning partners have excellent subject knowledge. They use their assessments precisely to address misconceptions in learning as soon as these appear. Consequently, pupils make considerable gains in their learning. Teaching results in pupils’ outstanding achievement over time. Learning partners provide dedicated high-quality teaching so that any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills are remedied very successfully. This, along with strong teaching over time in classes, results in pupils making strong and substantial progress across a wide range of subjects, including, reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils do not fall behind at Haywood Village, because, as soon as a weakness in pupils’ knowledge is identified, leaders act and address it.

Teaching is outstanding in the early years. The youngest children in pre-school gain a love of stories, rhymes, music and singing right from the start. Teaching in Reception is precisely targeted and enables children to make exceptionally strong progress. Children are prepared exceptionally well for Year 1.”

Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged pupils make extremely strong progress.

The report also states, “Pupils feel safe and they have an excellent understanding of how to keep safe online. Pupils understand how to keep themselves and others safe in different situations and settings. For example, the school’s programmes on ‘lorry safety’ and ‘water safety’ are appropriate for pupils growing up in a rapidly expanding housing development close to channels and streams.”

They went onto say, “The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils are unvaryingly attentive. Pupils are rarely passive. They understand the importance of teamwork and learning from their peers. Pupils’ strong attitudes to learning have a very positive impact on their progress.”

On safeguarding they said, ”The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff vetting checks are in line with national requirements. Policies, procedures and training relating to safeguarding are up to date and in line with current legislation. The vast majority of parents and carers would recommend the school.”

Trustees are unwavering in holding leaders to account. The trust has ensured that pupils make strong and substantial progress and attain highly since the school opened.

Craig Jones, Principal of Haywood Village said, “The report is extremely pleasing.  Over the past 3 and half years, the newly formed team at HVA has grown and grown and the direction, expectations and investment in people has served us well in achieving success for our children.    We will continue to strive to meet the challenges we currently face and will face as a growing school and hope that our approach to reach out and learn with other schools, within CLF and beyond, helps us to maintain the standards we have set ourselves.”

Steve Taylor, CEO of the Cabot Learning Federation said, “Haywood Village is a wonderful school and a great place to send your children. I am proud of our colleagues who work so diligently every day to make the school experience fun and accelerate the learning at the same time. I’m delighted for the families in this part of Weston-super-Mare – the school and its community are growing together and have a bright future!”