Following Hanham Woods Academy’s recent Ofsted monitoring visit the Cabot Learning Federation is extremely pleased to announce that the inspection team judged the academy to be taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.

Three inspectors visited Hanham Woods Academy for their second monitoring visit since the full Ofsted inspection back in October 2017. The judgement at this and subsequent monitoring visits can only be taking effective action or not taking effective action.

On outcomes for pupils Ofsted said, “Pupils achieved better results in 2018 GCSEs than in previous years. This is the result of improvements in the quality of teaching and a range of effective interventions. Leaders have been successful in improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. These pupils are now making better progress because the quality of teaching overall is improving.”

In relation to Middle and Senior Leadership they said, “The senior team have a relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning across the school. Their restless energy has proved infectious and staff morale is high.”

With reference to the quality of teaching they said, “Teachers are now expecting more of their pupils, and pupils are responding positively to the challenge. While expectations are not universally high the level of consistency across the school is significantly better than at the last monitoring visit.”

There is increased pride being shown in the academy, noted Ofsted, they said, “Because teachers are now more consistent in their expectations, pupils show an increasing degree of pride in their work and their achievements. Leaders and teachers acknowledge that they have more to do in this regard, but the improvement is palpable.”

On behaviour they said, “Exclusions are down and atmosphere has improved. The number of pupils excluded from school has dropped significantly. This is largely because teachers are very consistent in the way they manage behaviour. Pupils know what is expected of them and they respond appropriately. Pupils appreciate the calm and orderly atmosphere because they can concentrate on their work.’

The academy is receiving significant support from Cabot Learning Federation, they said, “The trust has been active in supporting the school since the inspection. It has acted to improve governance and to strengthen the senior leadership team. These strategies have increased the challenge to school leaders and teachers. The trust has used its team of school improvement staff to help middle leaders and teachers improve the curriculum. This has been a significant factor in raising the level of expectation across the school.”

Steve Kneller, Principal at Hanham Woods Academy said, “The judgement of this inspection team indicates that the standard of education provided at Hanham Woods Academy has improved markedly since the previous visit in June and significantly since the full inspection last October. This is as a result of the hard work of both staff and students and the ongoing support and challenge of parents for which I am very grateful.”