2019 provides a wonderfully exciting year for cricket with the World Cup being hosted in England and Wales. To raise the profile of cricket in Bristol Gloucester Cricket Club will be running multi skill cricket festivals/introduction to cricket for Key stage 1 that will be linked to the World Cup. One of these festivals will be staged at City Academy, Bristol.

Not only will this festival be an amazing experience for young people but they will also have the actual Cricket World Cup trophy. The ‘ICC Trophy Tour’ is coming to Bristol during this weekend meaning school children will have the opportunity to see the actual trophy up close!

The primary school Key Stage 1 World Cup Challenge Festivals are new for 2018/19 and only being run in Bristol and Gloucestershire.

Once schools sign up and the 24 teams are confirmed, each school will be allocated one of the countries that are competing in the World Cup. Once each school has their country, there will be cricketing challenges set for each school and ideas around classroom based lessons linked to that country.

James Mooney, Specialist Leader in Education for the Cabot Learning Federation – Physical Education, said, “I think it is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be involved in something not only nationally recognised but internationally recognised. Having been selected to host this visit by Gloucester Cricket Club means they understand the passion we have here, not only for cricket but also for sport outside of school, in the local community.”