The CLF School Centered Initial Teacher Training partnership (SCITT) is celebrating after being rated Good in all areas by the education watchdog Ofsted.

Ofsted reported that, “The partnership is quickly developing as a provider of high-quality teacher training that is contributing significantly to the need for qualified teachers in the South West region.”

They said, “The quality of leadership and management is good. Senior leaders are fully committed to ensuring that the quality of training and pastoral care is strong. Their clear purpose, to meet local and regional need for high-quality teachers, permeates all aspects of their work.

“Leaders have designed a course which ensures that trainees have a comprehensive understanding of different types of school in a range of diverse communities. Leaders show a deep commitment to improving the quality of education in and around the city of Bristol.”

On training Ofsted noted, “The quality of training is strong. Trainees show a good understanding of their subject and develop a repertoire of pedagogical approaches during their training year.

The professionalism of trainees and NQTs is a consistent feature of the partnership. They are deeply committed to their ongoing development through the training year and in the first few years of their career.”

They went on to say, “Trainees and former trainees demonstrate good and often excellent practice in most of the Teachers’ Standards. Primary trainees, especially those following the School Direct route, achieve particularly strong outcomes. They show a deep understanding of the special educational needs and/or disabilities that their pupils have.”

On pupil behaviour Ofsted remarked, “Trainees and NQTs model the conduct they expect of their pupils. They have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and manage learning environments well to instil positive attitudes to learning. This is a result of the wide experience they have of observing teachers managing pupils’ behaviour, the diversity and quality of placements, the centre-based training they receive and the focus that mentors give to this aspect of training.”

“The ongoing support from the provider during the training and NQT year is a strength. The regular Federation Network Nights and other professional development opportunities are valued highly by trainees and former trainees.”

On the understanding of safeguarding they said, “Trainees and former trainees demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the safeguarding risks pupils may face. Supplementary training in schools raises trainees’ awareness of the specific risks that are more prevalent in certain communities. Trainees and former trainees are well versed in their responsibilities under the government’s anti-radicalisation ‘Prevent’ duty.”

On employability inspectors said, “Employment rates are exceptionally high. All the trainees who have successfully completed their training year have secured employment in teaching. Almost all took up teaching posts in the south-west region and many remain in or around the city of Bristol.”

“Local headteachers value the contribution the partnership makes to meeting local teaching supply needs. They find former trainees to have a realistic understanding of the demands of the teaching roles they are recruited to. As one headteacher, typical of many, reported of former trainees, ‘They hit the ground running.’ They comment that the trainees they receive show strong professional and personal attributes. Many headteachers have appointed former trainees and are pleased with the effectiveness of their new employees.”

Alison Fletcher, Director of CLF Institute said, “This outcome is a significant milestone for our initial teacher training provision and acknowledges the contribution of the many staff and settings that make up the SCITT partnership. Our trainees and NQTs were an absolute credit to us in both stages of the inspection! The impact of the training and professional development provided by the Boolean Maths Hub was also commended.”